Digisol FTTH Certified Training

Digisol Institute of Training presents a new 2 days certified course with examination Digisol FTTH Certified Training. The objective of this two days paid training program is to enhance knowledge of SIs, ISPs, and Partners on FTTH Design considerations and introducing them to the latest FTTH products and solutions offered by Digisol. This certified training will be followed by an examination. ENROLL NOW!!!

  • Difference between Traditional Copper and Fibre Networks
  • Fiber Basics – Construction, Working and Types
  • FTTH – Theory
  • What is PON?
  • Technologies involved in FTTH Space
  • Components involved in designing FTTH Networks
  • Insights into the DIGISOL FTTH Active Portfolio
  • Insights into the DIGISOL FTTH Passive Portfolio
  • FTTH Network Diagram Overview
  • Loss Budget Calculations
  • Designing FTTH BOQs
  • GPON –DATA Multiplexing
  • GPON – Transmission Mechanism ( Downstream)
  • GPON – Transmission Mechanism (Upstream)
  • T-CONTs and GEM Ports
  • Service Mapping in GPON
  • TCONT and DBA profiles
  • OLT Configuration
  • Best Practices and Precautions
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Q&A Session
Please Note:* The participant should have an elementary knowledge of Fiber and FTTH. Once successful completion of training person needs to qualify the online test for getting certificate online.

Start Time

4:00 pm

December 13, 2021

Finish Time

6:00 pm

December 14, 2021